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Designed exclusively for those who want to start hosting delicious cookouts their family and friends will never forget.

What if your barbecue was so good that everyone prioritized their busy schedules just to attend your cookouts?

Imagine the lifelong memories and the quality time you would get to spend with your loved ones.

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Come on in, you’re always welcome at our table. If you’re anything like the men and women in our grill master family then you realize how difficult it is to stay connected these days. The children are out of the house and your friends are busy with their own lives. It’s becoming harder and harder to coordinate a family get together where everyone actually shows up.

Deep down you know your friends and family still look up to you and love you dearly. What’s happening is a natural part of growing up with everyone pursuing their own lives and ambitions. But that doesn’t mean you need to accept it. You dream of being more involved and you cherish every opportunity you have to spend quality time and form memories with your children and grandchildren.

That’s what barbecue is all about, forming deeper more meaningful relationships in your life. At Grill Master University we use barbecue as a tool to help our students become more deeply rooted in their communities and gain a new found sense of fulfillment. We believe that when you’re confident at cooking, you cook more often. When you cook more often, you spend more quality time with the people you love.

We Create Grill Masters

A Grill Master is a natural leader. Whether they’re cooking for Family or Friends, people look to the Grill Master as the provider of the group. If there is a party or celebration, it’s happening at their house. In front of the Grill or Smoker they’re strong and confident, often sharing interesting food or history facts while preparing the meal.

Grill Masters understand that there’s always more to learn but they’re willing to put in the time because hard work and perseverance is in their blood. Above all, Grill Masters appreciate the deep relationships and memories that are formed when everyone sits down at the table together. Each gathering creates a ripple effect and brings the world just a little closer together.

why choose grill master university

Works For Any Experience Level

Our system is designed to get complete beginners up to speed in no time and fine tune the skills of experienced grill masters so they have the confidence to tackle more difficult recipes and plan cookouts for larger groups of people.

Structured Learning Process

Information is free, you can find any information you want online. The reason Google and Youtube fail 99% of the time is because they don’t follow a structured process for learning. They just overload you with conflicting information and you end up more confused than when you started. At Grill Master University we teach you the learning process of the pros so you can shorten your learning curve and consistently improve your results every time you fire up the smoker.

World Class Instructors

Forget the very lengthy trial and error approach that could take years to master your smoker. When you get the opportunity to learn from one of the best teachers in the world you can skip the beginner phase and start smoking delicious meals in your first week. You’re going to master the fundamental skill sets to handle any recipe that comes your way whether your cooking on a cheap gas grill or an expensive smoker.


Families have a vested interest in seeing each other succeed. When you join our family, we’re there with you every step of the way offering guidance and support to ensure your success. Imagine having not 1 but 100s of mentors any time you have a question. That’s what the Grill Master Family is all about.

Our USDA Prime Triple Kobe Wagyu Guarantee

At Grill Master University we always stand behind our products. If you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever just let us know within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund for your purchase. We’ll even let you keep lifetime access to the course. That’s how confident we are that this is the absolute best way to not only master your smoker, but to form deeper more meaningful relationships in your life.

The Most Famous Competition BBQ Stars

Recommend Taking a Class

When I started competing in 1996 nobody had barbecue classes to speak of. I was trained by my dad but you basically had to go out there and cook and learn it on your own by the seat of your britches. This day in time you have a lot of great cooking schools and online information so I would encourage anybody who wants to get into bbq to take advantage of it. It shortens your learning curve so you want to do that.


Jacks Old South

What I love about barbecue is it’s all about family. People come to eat our food but what they really come for is to be part of our family and community. I am a life long learner and I go to as many barbecue classes as I can so I encourage everybody to do that.


Apple City BBQ

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Barbecue is the most likeable, friendliest, most gregarious food. It shortens your learning curve a lot to take a class. There are a lot of great cook books out there and the internet is just full of learning opportunities.


Cool Smoke

The barbecue family is what it’s about, all these people I’ve known for years. Anybody can barbecue you just have to take the time and passion of doing it and you’re gonna have to burn some stuff up to nubs before you get it right. There are great classes and books out there. I don’t have too many books but I have Rick Browne’s Book


Moe Cason BBQ

My first memory of barbecue was in my backyard with my father. Before I could even peek over the edge of the grill we were barbecuing. Barbecue is what I do every day when I go to work and it’s what I do on the weekends with Friends and Family


Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

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If you really want to be a part of this community I suggest you take a class from a successful champion. They all do very similar things and you might as well learn that up front. Pay one of the champions for what they’ve learned and he will show you exactly what he does.




What I love about barbecue so much is it’s not actually the food, it’s the gathering around a fire. It’s getting parents and kids off of their devices and outside in the backyard. It’s that neanderthal cook and that smell and
everything that barbecue is made up of. The taste of barbecue is wonderful
but the passion of barbecue is even


The Shed BBQ

Barbecue crosses all races, all religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. It’s just a time where everybody can get together and have fun and celebrate good food and good fellowship.


Memphis in May

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What barbecue means to me is the whole camaraderie and community, I mean you can feel it. I Like barbecue for good food and good company


Memphis in May

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