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Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe

Delicious Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe

The sauce is one of the most crucial components of a successful barbeque dinner. The reason that authentic barbeque from a food truck or grill master tastes so darn good, is that they aren’t buying mass-produced sauce but are making their own. Sauce making is not only an important step on your path to mastering

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Smoked chicken salad

Smoked Chicken Salad – Healthy BBQ Recipe

Introduction to Smoked Chicken We believe smoking Traeger chicken breast is much more than simply cooking a chicken. The art requires the right ingredients, patience and time. The result is a tender, smoky, juicy and delicious chicken. Although the process is not fast, we believe the results you will achieve are worth every minute. The

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Smoking beef belly

Beef Belly – An Easy Smoking Recipe

Beef belly, also referred to as beef navel or plate, is the fatty cut from the underside of the cow just behind the front legs. It is the same cut as pork belly only bigger. This monster cut is beautifully layered with fat and meat. When you smoke beef belly the fat melts into the

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Rotisserie pork loin recipe

Rotisserie Pork Loin – Delicious and Easy Recipe

Introduction to Rotisserie Cooking The idea behind rotisserie cooking is simple and straightforward. You place your meat on the rotisseries, put it into your grill, turn on the heat and your rotisserie will do the rest. The rotation of your spit makes certain your meat browns evenly because all sides are exposed to heat for

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Carolina Reaper sauce

Carolina Reaper Sauce – Easy & Hot Recipe

In the world of grilling and cooking, there is nothing better than the perfect sauce to complement a meat or vegetable. Brown, white, tomato-based, and herbal sauces, have been around since the Middle Ages, when people figured out a way to infuse flavors in mixtures of olive oil and salt. However, the history of man’s

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Smoked Eggs

Smoked Eggs – A New Way to Cook Eggs

If you love the flavor of smoke, you will really enjoy smoked eggs. Yes, you can smoke eggs. In fact, you can pretty much cook anything in your smoker. I have smoked every kind of animal protein, including whole fish and offal. I have also smoked fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices, and

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Summer Sausage recipe

Summer Sausage Recipe – Signature Easy Recipe

The summer sausage is a staple of the American diet. It is one of the most favorite snack foods because it is easy to make, serve, and eat. You see summer sausage everywhere, from holiday sampler packs, to Superbowl Sunday spreads. It is a year-round treat, and not just for “summer.” These juicy sausage rounds

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Gas vs electric smoker

Gas Vs Electric Smoker – The Difference That Matters

The Basics of Smoking Meat Smoking meat involves using indirect heat for long periods of time. Your meat will have a delectable texture and flavor from the smoke. As your meat slowly cooks, a comforting, tangy and smoky flavor is created. The absorption of smoke provides your meat with a spicy, chewy and dark texture

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Smoked Peppers recipe

Smoked Peppers – A Complete Guide to Smoking Stuffed Peppers

The main difference between smoking meats and smoked peppers is peppers can be stuffed and consumed as a meal, ground into a fine powder to add an extra burst of spice to barbeque sauces or marinades or chopped as ingredients for everything from sauce to soup. You do not need to purchase an expensive grill

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