BBQ Success Stories – June

Barbecue has a very special way of bringing people closer together. Every time you share a meal and a memory with your friends or family, your relationship becomes just a little bit deeper. Grill Master University gives you an opportunity to Win A Free Steak Dinner on us! All you need to do is share your story about how barbecue made an impact on the relationships in your life! You may not think that your story is inspiring or worth sharing…but we do and we want to hear it!  We’ll be sharing them on the blog over the course of the next few posts, so make sure to check back in and get some more BBQ inspiration!

Success stories
Growing up in Michigan, my dad taught me how to grill and smoke food almost 50 years ago. Recently, he had a short hospitalization; I came home from Los Angeles and was able to show off something I'd learned in California: A Santa Maria tri-tip, reverse-seared with apple and hickory smoke. For a day, the student became the teacher!
Los Angeles, CA
When I was in college I quickly grew tired of hot dogs and bologna sandwiches as forms of sustenance, so I took a few community ed cooking classes to try and expand my horizon. I was hooked on cooking after the first class. I started cooking the meals in our home and was always looking for ways to improve my cooking skills and it was always my friends and my family that were my guinea pigs. 99% of the time, the reviews were good. As time past, I ventured into BBQ and I honed my skills for several years as my kids were growing up. I was a high school principal for most of my career in education and when I retired, I needed something to help fill my new free time. My friends and family had always told me I should go into catering, so I figured why not. I had no idea what it would entail, so I just started getting online and asking. Wasn't long and I had a licensed kitchen in my basement and I started Mac's Gourmet BBQ and Wood-Fired Pizza. The most memorable time I have cooking is preparing food for my daughters wedding. Pulled pork, homemade sauces, and smoked beans were a huge hit with our guests, but most importantly with my daughter and our new son. It was an incredibly special way to help them celebrate this great occasion and I will never forget it.
Morrill, NE
As a kid I remember fire dept. chicken bbq and how many people came to enjoy and I loved helping out when i was old enough. I grew up in a small town and those cooks brought people together. As an adult and in a different city I missed it. When I bbq or smoke now it gives me that feeling. I love to share my cooking with friends and family. Whether it's cast iron over a fire, smoker going for hours or grilling over charcoal as long as I have loved ones around and their happy I'm happy. The food journey will continue.
Ontario, NY
My wife and I got married last September and we recently purchased a grill about a month ago. We have LOVED working together to grill and having friends over in our new house. Along with this, my wife purchased the cave tools for me as part of my birthday gift. They have been a wonderful addition in making the grilling experience run smoothly.
Overland Park, KS

We hope these stories will inspire you to send us your memories, traditions, and experience! Check out the Contest page for more information, get your writing mojo, crack your knuckles and get to writing us The Email that can win you a Free Steak Dinner!

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