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Smoked chicken kabobs

Smoked Chicken Kabobs – Sesame and Beef Added Recipe

Is there anything better than smoked chicken kabobs, freshly prepared using a charcoal fire? Yes—smoked sesame chicken and beef kabobs coming together in a mixed grill. Combining the two introduces texture and a depth of flavor to your plate, and is sure to satisfy all the smoked-meat lovers in your household. Whether you’re a beginner

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Marinate the pork steaks

Grilled Pork Steaks – Signature Recipe

Steak From The Other White Meat While “grilled pork steaks” is a regular occurrence within the American Midwest, any other region may encounter it as “Boston butt” or “pork blade steak,” alluding to the cuts where this particular dish originates from. Pork steak makes sense for anyone with a passion for barbecue as it uses the

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Easy recipes in an electric smoker

Top 5 Quick And Easy Electric Smoker Recipes

What Kind Of Smokers Are Out On The Market? Before we get to the electric smoker recipes, let’s talk a little bit about smokers and the different types. Even though I am going to give you some great electric smoker recipes, you should know a little about the types of smokers in general. The first

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Smoked bottom round roast recipe

Smoked Bottom Round Roast Recipe

The bottom round roast, also referred to as the rump roast, is a lean cut of beef located near the hindquarters of the steer. This is an affordable cut that is quite lean with plenty of beefy flavor. It is what you are likely to get when you order sliced roast beef at the deli

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Smoked Beef Ribs Dry Rub

Beef Rib Rub Recipe – Easy And Delicious

Beef ribs are often overlooked for smoking and grilling. It is more common to see these cuts braised low and slow in an oven or cooked in a pressure cooker. The results are fall-off-the-bone, moist meat. But, you shouldn’t dismiss the amazing flavor and texture that smoking or grilling beef ribs can achieve.

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