Cooking with Smoke 101 Course Grill Master University Reviews

Cooking with Smoke 101 is an in depth online course that will teach you how to Master Your Smoker and cook delicious meals that are the envy of everyone you meet.
It includes everything that Rick has learned along the way to becoming a Master Smoker including his 100% Foolproof Formula for short cutting your way to success in WEEKS instead of generations..

There are THOUSANDS of articles and videos online that attempt to teach people how to cook with smoke. But you could spend countless hours sorting through it all, and still come out more confused than when you started. BBQ is a learnable skill just like anything else.

If you’re still not sure if this course is for you, check out some of the reviews and testimonials from the people just like you – those, who didn’t know anything in the beginning, and who now proudly share their BBQ endeavors with the world! This is simply “The Family” – any time they have a question or need some help, they have people they can rely on to point them in the right direction. You will never be alone on this exciting journey, trust us!

"I just completed Cooking with Smoke! This was a really cool course and taught us a lot of things about smoking and grilling. It's more than just talking about ribs and pulled pork, we did all kinds of neat things. I made a meatloaf on the smoker and last night I did a chocolate cake with raspberries on top in the smoker. This course has been really great to give me the confidence to try those type of things. I've always been a cook and grilled most of my life but I never was a smoker. With the expert advice and recipes in here everybody can do it! "
Doyle Tiller
"I really enjoy this a lot. Rick did a really good job of explaining in his videos and he did a really good job of showing us different ways to do things. I've smoked a lot of meat over the years and I have been doing it for 4 or 5 years now. This gave me a lot of new things to think about and look at and I really enjoyed that. Reading the material and listening to the information he shares has really been beneficial and the recipes are awesome just so you know. If you have any questions about this then try it out and see what you think because it's worth it. I had a lot of fun looking at others people's stuff they did and trying new things for myself. Enjoy it and learn, we can always learn more from our smoker friends!"
Mark Bolie
"This is my first attempt to make bacon. My biggest issue is not having a slicer. Hard to cut the pieces thin. But, it's bacon!"
Mark Bolie
“I'm Mark, I cook outdoors 3 to 4 days a week, kind of addicted, you know how it is 🙂 In the last year I started writing a lot about outdoor cooking so wanted to check out the course. Finished photos of the smoked Sauerbraten roast, served with potato dumplings and red cabbage: Was good :-)”
Mark Jenner
"Glad to be apart of this group. I have been smoking for about 2 years with a Traeger Jr my brother-in-law gave me. Wanting to take it to the next step, so I am taking the course. Cant wait to learn more and more. At 67 you can learn more new tricks."
Jim Stilwell

You might ask, who this Cooking With Smoke course is for, and let us tell you:

  • Complete Beginners: If you’re just starting out and have little to no smoking experience then this course will get you up to speed in no time
  • Experienced Smokers: This course will fine tune your skills and help you get to the next level. You’ll gain the confidence to tackle more difficult recipes and plan cookouts for larger groups of people

Another concern might be if it’s really possible to learn online without an in person instructor. It absolutely is possible! Live classes go fast and must follow the pace of the group. If you have a question later, it’s not like you can retake the course for free. With an online format you can learn at your own pace, review the material any time you want, and you have ongoing support if you need help or have questions. It’s best to start with an online masterclass and then pursue a live class later if you would like to further develop your skill sets. 

After the course ends, you keep lifetime access to all course content including new updates. Unlike a live training class where you would need to pay to take it again, with Grill Master University you can go through your courses as many times as you would like in the future as a refresher.

Still have any questions left? Feel free to reach out!

Happy grilling!

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