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Delicious smoked ribs on a gas grill

How To Smoke Ribs On A Gas Grill

As the warm part of the year approaches, it’s time for many of us to take out our grills and start cooking. From chicken breasts to sirloin steaks, we each have a favorite BBQ meal and this summer, ribs are sure to be a hit. Serving ribs at family gatherings and community barbecues is a

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Barbecue sauce Memphis style

Memphis BBQ Sauce Recipe

The All-American BBQ Sauce Our United States of America is a nation where an amalgamation of people, cultures, beliefs, and dreams somehow seem to work together, especially, in the kitchen! Our culinary tastes are, perhaps, the best testament to our diversity. This is because our food choices do not only vary from culture to culture

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Texas style brisket dry rub

The Best Texas Brisket Rub

Heat, Meat, and the Power of Rubs When our cavemen ancestors set meat on fire for the first time, little did they know that this simple cooking method would transcend the barriers of time and culture. Eons later, here we are: Folks from all over the world still finding ways for grilling and smoking meat

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Real BBQ ribs

Real Barbecue Ribs on a Charcoal Grill

An Overview on Barbecue Ribs. When it comes to ribs, there are four main varieties on the market: Spare (While similar to baby back ribs, they have more meat and actually come from the rib area). St. Louis Style (brisket bones and backbone removed). Country-style (a pork loin back cut; loin, not rib). Baby back

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Cooking with Smoke 101 Course Grill Master University Reviews

Cooking with Smoke 101 is an in depth online course that will teach you how to Master Your Smoker and cook delicious meals that are the envy of everyone you meet. It includes everything that Rick has learned along the way to becoming a Master Smoker including his 100% Foolproof Formula for short cutting your

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Win a steak dinner

BBQ Success Stories – May

Barbecue has a very special way of bringing people closer together. Every time you share a meal and a memory with your friends or family, your relationship becomes just a little bit deeper. Grill Master University gives you an opportunity to Win A Free Steak Dinner on us! All you need to do is share

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